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    大富豪官网网址登陆At the same time that Inspector Burnley was interviewing Broughton and Harkness in his office, another series of events centring round the cask was in progress in a different part of London.


    ‘To me it seems exceedingly suggestive though, I agree, not conclusive. But there is a nearly conclusive point, Mr. Felix. Look at those prints again.’
    ‘M. Boirac saw the advertisement also. He came just now to the S?reté and identified the remains beyond any doubt. It is a painful case, for I regret to tell you she had been murdered in a rather brutal way, and now we are here with M. Boirac’s approval to make some inquiries.’
    ‘The body was clothed in a light pink evening dress, with several diamond rings on the fingers and a diamond comb in the hair.’


    1.‘Yes, and it would give a two-fold reason for his working for Felix’s conviction; first, self-defence by shifting over the suspicion, and, second, revenge on the man who had spoilt his home.’
    2.‘I’m not sure that I can,’ he said at last. ‘The group was quite a casual one and I only joined it for a few moments. Le Gautier was there, of course, and a man called Daubigny, and Henri Boisson, and I think, Jaques R?get, but of him I’m not sure. There were a number of others also.’
    3.‘In the summer of 1908, no, 1909, three years ago.’
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